Recreation & Park Board

The Village of Hiram Recreation and Park Board was established under Ordinance 2012-42 passed on March 12, 2013. The Recreation and Park Board is established in Section 143.01 of the Hiram Codified Ordinances.
The Recreation and Park Board is generally charged with oversight of parks, playgrounds, playfields, gymnasiums, public baths, swimming pools, or indoor recreation centers on lands or buildings owned, leased, or operated by the Village of Hiram and which are not dedicated or devoted to other public use.
Under Ordinance 2017-11, the Recreation and Park Board established in Section 143.01 of the Hiram Codified Ordinances was amended such that the board shall consist of 4 resident electors of the municipal corporation, appointed by the Mayor, and shall serve without compensation for the term of 4 years. The Village Administrator also shall serve on the board.
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