Public Utilities Department

The Public Utilities Department services both the Village's drinking water and wastewater facilities within the Village of Hiram. The Public Utilities Department is managed by the Village Administrator. Contact VA James McGee at (330)-569-7802 or

Reports and Documents:

Water Department

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
Hiram’s water plant is located at 7085 Wakefield Road (State Route 305 at the east corporation limit).

Hiram’s current water plant and wells were installed in the 1970s and consist of the main well (#1) 300gpm and two back up wells, (#2) 100gpm, and (#3) 70gpm. The Hiram water treatment plant (WTP) is a pressurized filter plant with ion exchange softening. Additives to raw water include chlorine, potassium, permanganate, fluoride, and zinc orthophosphate.

Wastewater Department

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
Hiram Waste Water Plant is located at 11617 Garfield, following the driveway through the Village Emergency Services, Jagow Park, and the ball field.
The original Hiram wastewater plant was built around the turn of the century. It consisted of an Imhoff Tank which was used for settling out the sewage solids. The Imhoff Tank was replaced with a Trickling Filter process which provided a secondary treatment system for the Village of Hiram. In the 1990s, the Trickling Filter system and the old plant processes could not meet the ever-increasing regulatory requirements.
In 1993 the Village opted to secure funding and pursue improvements to the wastewater system. The improvements to the Hiram Wastewater Treatment Plant include a new Influent Structure which pumps the raw wastewater to the new secondary system. The new secondary system replaces the existing Trickling Filters and includes two new aeration tanks and final settling tanks.

A Flow Equalization facility has also been added to the Hiram plant. This includes three concrete equalization tank cells and is used to store excessive flow during rainstorms. When normal flow returns after a rainstorm, the stored wastewater is returned to the plant for treatment. The sludge treatment improvements include a new sludge holding tank and the refurbishment of the existing aerobic digester.

Construction of the improvements was completed in 1994 and the system has been consistently meeting the regulatory discharge limitations.

Improvements to the wastewater system also included the construction of two new wastewater pumping stations, force mains, and sanitary sewers. The State Route 700 pumping station replaced four existing individual pumping units and an additional sanitary sewer was provided to serve the residents on the west side of State Route 700 in the Village proper.

A new sanitary sewer and pumping station were constructed on State Route 305. This new sewerage system would allow the residents on State Route 305 within the Village to be served.

In 2007 a new sanitary sewer pumping station was constructed at Village Gate Drive to supply Village Gate subdivision with sanitary sewer service outside Village limits.

These major capital improvements were financed through grants and no-interest loans from the Ohio Public Works Commission. A low-interest loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority was also secured to complete the required funding.