2010 Ordinances Adopted

Ord. 2010-01.pdf Amendment to the 2010 Permanet Appropriations
Ord. 2010-02.pdf Revising the Records Retention Policy
Ord. 2010-03.pdf Amending Appropriations
Ord. 2010-04 .pdf Amending Appropriations
Ord. 2010-05 .pdf New Fire Truck loan
Ord. 2010-05 Exhibit A.pdf Exhibit "A" loan payments
Ord. 2010-06 .pdf Contract for loan on new fire truck
Ord. 2010-07 .pdf Contract with Township for EMS and Fire protection
Ord. 2010-07 Exhibit A.pdf Exhibit "A" Township contract
Ord. 2010-08 .pdf Designating Depositories
Ord. 2010-09 .pdf Amending Appropriations
Ord. 2010-10 .pdf Amend Appropriations
Ord. 2010-11 .pdf Sewer rates outside of village
Ord. 2010-13 .pdf Adjusting wages for firefighters
Ord. 2010-14 .pdf Amend Appropriations